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From the pages of HR Reporter
Nov 30, 2015 Print Edition:
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Return of controversial Hydro One worker highlights challenges for employers, employees
Service sector wrought with sexist, discriminatory culture: Professor
Employers face new definitions, investigation rules
Volkswagen’s woes highlight need for ethical culture, leadership
Company scholarships make a lot of sense when it comes to attraction, retention
Why an ‘obvious’ just cause termination might not be a great idea
Detaching work from employment – subcontractors, Uber and the Ontario budget
Is smoking considered an addiction disability that needs to be accommodated?
COS celebrates best and brightest at Canada’s Safest Employers awards
Many leaders are developed internally – without a background in HR
Employers should have a strategic plan that clearly defines overtime pay
Why non-monetary recognition doesn't lead to performance lags
Employee deserved 12 months’ notice, not three, says Ontario Court of Appeal
But critics challenge effectiveness, necessity of such government programs
Group says 1.2 million federal workers vulnerable, more safety inspectors needed
Supporting employees through process requires creative accommodation
Far too many managers not equipped to deal with sexual harassment complaints, incidents
Transparency backfires; Muzzled no more; Long live the queen; Hopefully he doesn't text and drive too; Arresting development in job search
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