MSD injury still big issue for organizations

HR professionals should watch for easy ways to eliminate hazards
By Melissa Mancini
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/25/2011

Despite declining lost-time injury rates, employers can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

From 2003 to 2009, the MSD lost-time injury rate declined 30 per cent overall in Ontario. In 2009, MSDs represented 44 per cent of all lost-time claims, 44 per cent of all lost days and 41 per cent of all lost-time injury claim costs filed with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). That’s the equivalent of 28,570 claims, 912,785 days lost and almost $112 million in WSIB costs.

“Obviously, these types of injuries pose a really significant burden on workers, the WSIB and the province as a whole,” said Anne Duffy, provincial ergonomist at the Ontario Ministry of Labour.