Is an injury work-related?

Basic 2-part test answers the question but there are complicating factors to consider
By Sylvie Guilbert, Carissa Tanzola and Lisa Bolton
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/25/2011

Every jurisdiction in Canada has a workers’ compensation system that provides benefits and services to workers who sustain a workplace injury or occupational illness. But, to be eligible for these benefits, the person’s injury or illness must be related to the job.

In some cases, determining whether an injury qualifies as a workplace injury is easy. There is little doubt a worker who cuts her hand while operating an employer’s machine during working hours has sustained a workplace injury.

Assessing whether an injury is a workplace injury is less clear, however, if the injury occurred as a result of a worker engaging in horseplay, being intoxicated or using a workplace machine after hours for personal use.