There are now 24 business hours in a day

Technology keeps your company’s doors open to customers around-the-clock.
By Jim Jarvis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/12/2001

How many times have you picked up the phone to call an organization only to realize that it’s after business hours? And how many times have you called an organization only to be routed from one automated voice to another? Then, when you actually reach a live person, they are unable to help you because they don’t have access to your account information.

This is a very real challenge for organizations today — they must be able to provide around-the-clock access, real people when your customers need them and up-to-date, shared customer information.

HR professionals in service-oriented organizations have become accustomed to the hassles associated with around-the-clock staffing and shift work. But today’s customers are demanding even more. When customers call, not only do they expect to reach the firm, they expect that the customer-service representative will have all of the required information — about the customer and products — at her fingertips.