Home Depot bans pets in stores after dog attack

Pet-friendly workplaces should be backed by policy: Experts
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/24/2011

Anne Riel was working at an Ottawa-area Home Depot in late April when a customer came into the store with her Shih Tzu in her shopping cart. Riel greeted the customer and bent down to pet the dog when it jumped up and bit her nose. She was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery where doctors stitched the skin together over the tip of her nose and reattached her left nostril.

In light of the incident, Home Depot has banned all pets — except certified assistance dogs — in its 180 stores across Canada, as of May 16.

“I am a pet-lover myself and many of us are and, yes, we love seeing Fido in the store, it makes us all happy, but we’re putting the safety of everyone as the top priority,” said Tiziana Baccega, manager of public relations and external affairs at Home Depot.