Do your managers roll their eyes when employees say they are overworked?

By John K. Yardley
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

“Too much to do, too little time” — a refrain many HR professionals hear frequently in the workplace (and maybe have even said themselves).

Workload stressors are real. Having a “lean-and-mean” organization comes with a workload cost.

Technology creates workload issues by streamlining processes. Compressing production has caused an increase in the pace of work, with less downtime. Improved communications create workload problems by making employees constantly available. And the way you manage can also create workload stressors (for example, just-in-time delivery makes deadlines more imminent and more frequent). There are strong economic values associated with implementing these workload practices, so the issue of workload stressors will not easily vanish.