Only as good as weakest link (Guest commentary)

Assess every job and ask if you’ve got the right person doing it
By Jim Beqaj
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/03/2011

Organizations need to connect what success looks like from the point of view of the CEO and board to what success looks like at every level, in every job. They need to thoroughly assess what each job must do for the company to succeed and if the person in the job can deliver.

If this isn’t done at every level — and for every position — then the level of success defaults to the weakest fit in the structure.

When asked if they’re prepared to get rid of the people who don’t fit and don’t buy into the requirements for success, CEOs often say they’re afraid if they do they won’t be able to find enough of the right people. That’s unfounded — there is no lack of talent. The problem stems from not properly defining fit and not knowing what to look for.