Growing company needs HR plan (Toughest HR Question)

HR plan critical to an employer's strategic plan
By Bonnie Nixon
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/19/2011

Question: We are a relatively small but growing company. We have an HR department of two and our company has grown from fewer than 30 employees three years ago to nearly 250 today. All signs point to continued strong growth. We have never put together an HR plan but the CEO has asked us to sketch one out. What are some of the most important things to include in the plan? We employ a lot of knowledge workers, and a good number of skilled tradespeople, in the oil and gas sector.

Answer: That sounds like an exciting organization — lots of challenges but lots of opportunities.

Let’s start with a definition of an HR plan. It can be described as a systematic process of matching the interests, skills and talents of the individual organization members with long-term goals and opportunities in the organization. It is a process of systematically reviewing human resources/people needs to ensure employees, with the required competencies, are available when needed. HR plans are typically preceded by strategic planning in the organization.