Canadian CEOs more focused on older workers than global counterparts: Survey

Top bosses recognize mature employees bring valuable experience, loyalty
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/18/2011

Canadian CEOs are focusing more on older workers than their global counterparts. Sixty per cent of Canadian CEOs plan to increasingly recruit and retain older employees, compared to just 42 per cent globally, found a survey by PwC.

“Canada generally has a group of employees that can leave often when they hit 55… and we’re seeing, in some cases, up to 45 per cent of that group retiring in the next five years, so there’s a real recognition we need to figure out ways to keep them in the workforce longer and take advantage of their expertise,” said Ellen Corkery-Dooher, PwC’s national people and change leader based in Ottawa.

This focus on older workers is in part explained by the challenges with hiring and keeping people under 30. Seventy-five per cent of Canadian CEOs expect challenges in recruiting and integrating younger workers, compared to just 54 per cent of their global counterparts, found the survey of 1,201 CEOs worldwide (40 of which were from Canada).