The incivility risk: It’s time to connect the dots (Analysis)

HR's job to diagnose, address this issue
By Sharone Bar-David
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/10/2011

Consider this: If incivility is comprised of “seemingly inconsequential, rude or discourteous words and actions,” it would be logical to assume, from an organizational perspective, this phenomena would be equally inconsequential, right?

Well, Canadian HR Reporter’s survey demonstrates the opposite is true. As seen from HR’s unique vantage point, incivility is exceedingly damaging to business. An overwhelming majority of the 308 respondents “strongly agreed” or “somewhat agreed” incivility has a negative effect on crucial organizational indicators.

First, productivity: 92 per cent said incivility has negative effects in this domain while 90 per cent said incivility has a strong negative impact on inter-departmental collaboration. Absenteeism received a score of 79 per cent and 78 per cent said talent retention is affected while 72 per cent noted the same about customer service. Furthermore, 52 per cent viewed it as damaging to the brand reputation itself.