Small raise avoids big problem

When employees step up and fill in for workers on a leave, reward them (Guest commentary)
By Laura Cumming
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/25/2011

Recently, I was reading a summer issue of Canadian HR Reporter — specifically Todd Humber’s article “Where do our story ideas come from?” (July 18, 2011.)

I am glad you wrote about this as I often wondered how you came up with the current topics and trends I read in each issue. Many of the articles have helped back me up when I was trying to convince higher executives that something they were doing was incorrect or misguided.

I would fight my case, be rejected and then see the topic in your paper. I would show them the article and, many times, they would then start to follow my recommendations. To say this was a bad system is correct but at least issues were moved along for the good of the company and employees.