Performance reviews valued by employees: Poll

But do they drive improvement?
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/20/2011

Groans often fill the office air this time of year, when many performance reviews are conducted. The standard thinking is managers and employees alike resent the time and effort required to assess their contributions, both good and bad, to the organization.

So it may come as a surprise many employees actually appreciate the process. Seventy-one per cent of 800 respondents to a Ceridian Canada survey said their review made them feel valued while 91 per cent felt the process either met (79 per cent) or exceeded (12 per cent) their expectations.

“I was quite surprised by the results,” said John Cardella, executive vice-president and chief people officer at Ceridian Canada in Toronto. “As an HR exec, you sometimes wonder about the linkage between doing a performance review and how it makes people feel and whether or not it’s really all worth it… because (the reviews) are a lot of effort and it takes a lot of care to do it properly.”