Dusting off HR’s crystal ball for 2012 (and beyond) (Guest commentary)

Google's HR team highly dependent on statistics, measurement
By Dave Crisp
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/15/2012

The New Year’s Eve celebrations are but a distant memory. Last year is in the books (for a look back at the highlights from 2011, see pages 15 to 18 of this issue). But what’s in store for HR professionals in 2012?

For one, organizations have become pickier and, therefore, slower in hiring for fear of mistakes. Uncertainty about changing needs and economics are also causing hesitation.

Tools for hiring haven’t changed much — interviews are still fallible yet addictive for most execs. Hiring mistakes continue, as does the aftermath of dealing with poor employees or managers, which eats up so much time — so the time starvation most HR executives feel will undoubtedly continue.