Vision put man on moon, gave Ray the Cup (Communication Matters column)

By Sandy French
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/16/2001

Despite being a sports fan, June is simply too late in the season to be watching hockey — Stanley Cup or not. But this year, I couldn’t help be drawn into the saga of Colorado Avalanche player Ray Bourque.

Bourque has been playing in the NHL for an incredible 22 seasons but had never drank from the Stanley Cup. This story is inspiring because this franchise, renowned for its individuality, did something surprising during its successful run for the Cup — they became a team. The catalyst was not money, ego or fear, it was to do something bigger — win the trophy for Ray. It became the team’s all-consuming vision.

This started me thinking about how uninspired a lot of businesses are. I don’t see many corporations with a vision, let alone one worth rallying around. Companies that do have one usually end up confusing employees instead of inspiring them because their vision is not well-defined, dull or written in business speak and poorly communicated.