HR heads south – way south (Guest commentary)

Canadian delegation to Brazil undercovers HR practices in one of world’s emerging economies
By Diane Wiesenthal
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/13/2012

In September 2011, a small delegation of professionals from Manitoba and British Columbia journeyed to Brazil to study HR practices in a rapidly emerging country with a lot of high-tech industry.

It was the fourth Canadian HR delegation through People to People’s Citizen Ambassador Programs, an organization set up in 1956 by American president Dwight Eisenhower to unite professionals in various disciplines with international colleagues. The previous three visits took us to China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and Israel.

Even though we had all done our research, nothing prepared us for the sheer size of Sao Paulo — it’s the largest city in the southern hemisphere, boasting a metropolitan population of nearly 20 million.