Time to move past initiatives around health awareness, education

Employers not focused on reducing health risks, costs: Aon Hewitt
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/27/2012

When it comes to improving workers’ health, most employers aren’t focused on initiatives that will actually reduce risk and lower costs, according to a recent survey by Aon Hewitt.

While employers are keen to have integrated workplace health programs that focus on addressing health risks and related costs — and to measure results — most are focusing on awareness and education, not activities designed to reduce those risks and costs, it said.

“Awareness and education-based programs, they’re easy to do, they’re relatively inexpensive to do, they’re often free — through public health or through your insurer or EAP provider,” said Mike Kennedy, vice-president and national lead of health strategies and solutions at Aon Hewitt in Calgary.