Shifting gears and adding value

As keepers of the people systems, HR must continuously evolve
By Deborah Harcus
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/10/2012

We all heard the hype — implementing technology would free HR to spend less time on administrative tasks so it would have more time to spend on strategic activities. So, you had the business case approved, implemented an HR technology solution and it’s now several years later.

How’s this working? Do you really have more time? How much time do you spend reviewing and approving routine data or transaction changes? Do you continue to hear HR must be more “strategic, flexible and agile”? Have things really changed?

As a profession, HR has come a long way but there’s still much to be done. It’s time to shift up a gear, take our skills and knowledge up a notch and continue to evolve so we are capable of doing what still needs to be done.