Do babies belong in the workplace?

Alberta councillor faces public criticism for bringing baby to work
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/24/2012

Kara Westlund is a full-time municipal councillor in Brazeau County in Alberta who regularly brings her infant daughter to meetings. In February, Westlund was publicly criticized for this by a fellow councillor in the local newspaper, the Breton Booster.

“It appears that our new council chambers and meeting room has been turned into a nursery by one of our councillors,” Coun. Pat Monteith wrote. “Personally, I am finding it disruptive and distracting. More importantly, how do you feel about your tax dollars going to pay someone to care for her own child?”

When she was pregnant, Westlund asked fellow council members if it would be alright if she brought her newborn to council meetings for the first few months and they agreed. She had no idea Monteith — who sits next to her in the council chamber — was upset with the baby’s presence until she read the column, according to a CBC article.