Dressing for success – not stress

Policies, reinforcement help HR deal with employees wearing inappropriate attire
By Barbara Bowes
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/22/2012

Spring has finally arrived and summer days are on their way. In anticipation of the summer heat, employees might be dreaming of days at the beach.

But HR might see the hot weather season leading to another round of unexpected and unwanted “hot topic” people challenges. That’s because HR professionals know summer often means more than the challenges of vacation scheduling — it often means reverting to the role of fashion police. This can range from creating a dress code policy to sending an employee home for inappropriate dress to accusations of sexual harassment.

Who would have thought workplace dress code could be such a complex issue? Yet, as the world has moved to more casual work attire, there appears to be more and more of a need to define what “casual” is and figure out how to deal with what might be considered inappropriate dress.