Point, click and pay employees over the Net

By Dave MacKay
|CHRR, Guide to Payroll|Last Updated: 08/29/2001

The Internet is now being used to deliver many services to business, such as banking and supply management systems, and now payroll can be added to a growing list of applications being offered online. This should be of particular interest to small- and medium-sized businesses where payroll responsibilities often fall to an overworked human resources department.


Web-based business-to-business transactions are growing exponentially, according to Toronto-based IT research analysts IDC Canada. Business-to-business transactions accounted for more than 80 per cent of all e-commerce in Canada last year. Part of this growth is a segment called “net-native applications.” These differ from traditional computer applications in that they exist exclusively on the Web. It is no longer necessary to buy expensive software, install it and then be forced to buy upgrades every few years to enjoy the newest enhancements.