Road map for hiring top talent

Readiness, an open mind and flexibility should lead to best candidates for the job
By Genevieve Lalande
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/05/2012

All employers want engaged employees who stick around for the long haul. That’s hardly surprising, given the high cost of turnover and the frustration that comes with being understaffed.

But how do you find these star employees? It’s not easy — if it were, every firm would be overflowing with them — but there are a number of critical junctures where getting it right can make a big difference.

It starts well before the job posting goes up. The recruitment process should include a clear understanding of what makes a position what it is. The tasks, functions and responsibilities are obviously important but the context, team, company dynamic and managing style will have much more of an impact on employees’ interest levels, tenure, success or failure.