HR’s workload increasing, finds index

Rates for absences, vacancies, resignations and fewer resources provide proof
By Ian Cook
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/25/2012

There is no doubt people are busy these days. However, the additional workload comes with its own risks and challenges. Organizations, like the people who bring them to life, cannot continue to do more with less and remain successful.

Historically, in lean times, HR has been a place to cut costs. However, many of the answers to organizational challenges are linked to HR practices or areas of expertise, such as managing multiple generations, sourcing the right type of talent and managing the overall employee mix between permanent, contract and casual so as to optimize productivity while staying competitive.

So, how does HR solve new, complex problems when its resources are constantly being reduced? In pursuit of this question, the HR Metrics Service devised a process to compare the workload demands on HR and the resources available to HR.