Using technology to de-stress on international assignment

By Louise O'Grady
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/25/2002

International assignments can be an overwhelming source of stress for business travelers and their families. To help, HR departments should consider offering online services in the areas of career services, cross-cultural training and employee assistance programs (EAP).

Whether the assignment is long- or short-term, the employee will generally have a number of challenges to contend with that go hand-in-hand with working away from the home office. Add to this the stress of working and living within the rules of a foreign culture, and individuals often feel pressures that can have a negative impact on productivity.

Often, the intrepid business traveler is reluctant or unable to cross the time zones to seek help from the corporate HR team back home. They feel it’s too complex a process to initiate and that an admission of problems may reflect poorly on their ability to do the job. Or support services can be hard to access.