Federal lawyers want collective bargaining

By Asha Tomlinson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/05/2003

Federal lawyers for the Department of Justice are seeking justice for themselves.

Although legislation prohibits them from forming a union, a majority of federal Crown attorneys voted to form an association, which they consider the next best thing. Of the 1,974 eligible to vote, 1,452 did so, and of those, 87 per cent voted to form an association. A newly elected interim executive is currently negotiating with management for voluntary recognition, and hopes to represent members in employment relations and collective bargaining.

“The leaders of this initiative have worked towards this goal for several years as a result of lack of representation in the past with respect to compensation, job classification and the terms and conditions of employment,” said Lois Lehmann, interim president of the Association of Justice Counsel. “There are also issues concerning fairness in promotions and problems with the performance appraisal system.”