Web Sight: Searching for a healthy workplace

By Joe Nunes
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/24/2001

As the awareness of the costs of workplace injuries and violence increases, workplace safety becomes an increasingly important topic for HR departments. Below are a number of sites, some of which touch on the subject of disciplinary action against employees who violate health and safety policies.

Behaviour-based safety

For those that have a disciplinary process in place for health and safety infractions as well as for those considering introducing one, “Blame the Worker” is a must read. Behind this article is the finding that “providing rewards for fewer injuries chills employee reporting of injuries rather than improving workplace safety and reduces the reliability of the data on injury logs.” This is not to say that such programs should not be considered, but rather when considered, it should be done with the full appreciation of potential pitfalls of the approach.

Healthy workplace excellence

The National Quality Institute is a not-for-profit organization that provides strategic focus and direction for Canadian organizations to achieve excellence, enabling Canada to set the standard for quality and healthy workplace practices throughout the world. NQI manages the Canada Awards for Excellence, which includes a Healthy Workplace trophy. The company summaries are somewhat brief but may give practitioners a starting point for further research.