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Finding rewarding reading

Authors tackle the theories and practice of compensation, intrinsic rewards,performance measurement, team-based pay and where to hang the carrots.
By Ray Brillinger
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/24/2001

What are the current trends in compensation and rewards? How does research support, or challenge, prevailing practices? How can teams, as well as individuals, be meaningfully rewarded for performance? Is money everything — what about the non-financial aspects of work satisfaction and motivation?
Several recent books help with these questions.

Rewarding Excellence
By Edward E. Lawler III, 327 pages, Jossey-Bass (2000). At bookstores or Wiley Canada, 1-800-567-4797,

Edward Lawler, a leading management academic and prolific author, says “This book is based on the premise that to capture the full power of a reward system in today’s competitive environment, organizations need to focus on rewarding excellence in all areas.