Six reasons for making the transition from paper to Web-based tool

HR intranets offer a new way to communicate team, corporate goals.
By Richard Rosenbaum
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 10/24/2001

How do you get your employees online? Human resource professionals recognize the need to motivate employees to achieve corporate goals, and technology offers new alternatives for aligning employees with business objectives. The trick is getting employee buy-in.

Keeping employee files — electronic or paper-based does little to motivate, communicate or promote teamwork. But by shifting away from conventional thinking regarding compensation confidentiality, and applying Internet-based technology, great strides to achieving corporate goals can be realized.

While it is no surprise that employees may be adverse to exposing traditionally confidential information such as compensation packages or personal history, there is information that can be posted with great benefit. For instance, posting salaries in a secure intranet removes all doubt for both the individual and the organization about the market value of each employee. It adds a level of accountability for each employee about what he or she should be earning once professional development and career milestones are achieved. When these types of openness are combined with well-defined goals on an intranet-based tool that monitors progress, the results can be extremely positive.