No HR strategy is complete without brand alignment

If employees don’t relate to your brand, it won’t show up in their work communication matters.
By Sandy French
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/01/2001

Anyone who has driven by the golden arches with a carload of kids or listened to someone debate the merits of Coke versus Pepsi can attest to the power of branding. Why do these brands create such passion for the product? Why is there such loyalty to the brand names and why should any of this matter to anyone in human resources?

Branding has always been approached exclusively as an external initiative driven by sales and marketing. However, there are a growing number of successful companies who have realized that true branding is about connecting the promise made to customers to the promise made to employees.

It’s a holistic view that understands that no company can deliver its brand experience consistently in the marketplace without delivering the same experience to employees. This is where HR can have an impact.