Web sight: Hunting for recruitment help

By Joe Nunes
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/13/2001

This month we look at the subject of recruiting. Most universities have career centres, many of which have online portals. We have not looked at these sites here most recruiters and HR departments will have their own sense of which universities produce candidates suitable to them. The following sites offer a variety of discussions on this topic. A number of the sites are from outside Canada. However, in the battle to attract and retain capable employees, many ideas are easily transferred across borders.

Changing recruitment strategies

The U.S. Department of Labour has compiled a number of articles under the heading Competence without Credentials. This particular paper, “examines evidence from a variety of perspectives that are relevant to understanding the changing nature of workplace competence. Four perspectives are considered: the operation of the labour market, surveys of what employers say, the market for employer-provided training, and the stock market.”