A little something “just for me” goes a long way

By Denise Markley
|CHRR, Guide to Pensions & Benefits|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

What’s the one thing most employees have in common? Stress. White collar or blue, young or old, married or single, with kids or without …workplace stress continues to be a major concern to Canadians.

According to this year’s edition of the Aventis Healthcare Survey, conducted by Ipsos-Reid, 62 per cent of Canadians report that they are experiencing “a great deal of stress” on the job. That is up an astonishing 15 per cent from last year. And, 34 per cent of Canadians with health benefit plans (up from 25 per cent last year) agree with the statement: “Workplace stress has been so overwhelming that it has made me physically ill at times.”

In fact, those who say they are experiencing a great deal of stress at work are five times more likely to say that they have been physically ill because of stress. The survey also found that 31 per cent of those who report illness related to workplace stress also say they have taken six or more days off work in the last year. Forty-one per cent, equal to last year’s finding, say their employer does not do nearly enough to help them manage stress at work.