The reserve in times of war

By Asha Tomlinson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/09/2003

In the United States, the war on terrorism has seen President George W. Bush call up members of the National Guard to take up positions in the nation’s airports, and these “part-time soldiers” may also be put into action in military operations overseas, as they were in the Gulf War. Bush recently thanked employers for their patriotic support of the National Guard program that allows civilians to leave their jobs and fulfill military duties.

The Canadian Reserve, Canada’s equivalent to the National Guard, may also be called upon to play a role in the war. Has the possibility of losing a valued employee dampened employer interest in the reserve program?

Major Alexander Peterson, spokesperson for the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, says no. He says they frequently publicize the reserve across the country to many employers. They make a sales pitch and if an employer decides to get on board, they sign a statement of support and, so far, they haven’t received any negative responses.