Making it personal

Scotiabank offers several options to reach diverse workforce
By Ian Citulsky
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/10/2012

Most organizations know the value of engaging employees and recognizing or rewarding them for good performance. What many may not realize is it’s important to have an engagement strategy that is as personalized as the employees.

With cultural and demographic diversity a reality in workplaces, Canadian organizations are well-positioned to deliver personalized, meaningful employee recognition. One such example is Toronto-based Scotiabank, with operations around the world and a diverse employee base in Canada.

When Scotiabank decided to embark on an employee engagement program for its workforce of nearly 70,000, it knew the program had to be something special, something adaptable for its many different business lines and markets. Twelve years ago, it launched the Applause program (designed by loyalty management provider Aimia) for Canadian employees and, since then, it has grown into an award-winning success story with highly engaged employees in more than 25 global markets.