Do your homework on behavioural interviews

Prep work by employers, employees helps ensure nobody’s time is wasted
By Caroline Lau
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/10/2012

Critics argue interviews are a waste of time — the candidates who excel in interviews are the ones who know how to sell, but are not necessarily the best people for the job. So what is missing from the hiring process to prevent potentially great employees from slipping through the cracks while filtering out the bad eggs?

A necessary and effective method is behavioural interviewing, which reveals a candidate’s experience, level of expertise, thought process and logic. It’s based on the premise that past performance is a predictor of future performance. Behavioural questions elicit examples from candidates that showcase skills and experience. Instead of “Do you know how to...?” it is “How did you...?” or “When was the last time you…?”

But there is more involved with behavioural interviewing than just the interview, so it’s important to do your homework.