Abrasive leaders taking serious toll (Guest Commentary)

Survey results paint picture of abrasive leaders trapped in their fallibility and fearful staff – along with frustrated and helpless HR professionals
By Sharone Bar-David
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/23/2012

It’s inevitable — somewhere along your professional path, you will encounter an abrasive leader. As such, you already have your own observations about the effects a harsh interpersonal style can have on the workplace.

If we are to solve the problem of abrasive leadership, we need to develop a better collective understanding of this important issue. And so, in collaboration with Canadian HR Reporter, I developed the survey published on page 1 of this issue.

We defined abrasive leaders as “any individual charged with organizational authority, whose interpersonal conduct is excessively harsh and causes distress in other workers, sufficient to disrupt the work environment.”