Dealing with critical incidents all about support, support, support

Managers should be made aware of 5 different categories of reactions
By Renee Jarvis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/23/2012

Traumatic events often occur without any notice and can affect an entire workplace, so timely assessment of the situation and decisions surrounding next steps are critical.

When a critical incident occurs — such as a co-worker’s death, a violent incident at a factory or a disaster affecting a workplace — most traditional methods a manager uses to support and motivate employees can fail. Bonuses, extra vacation days, contests, recognition — almost no incentive can undo the grip the incident may have on an individual.

In a critical incident, employees may lose their sense of security and their ability to cope. Their careers, for a time, are out of control. Their stress levels can skyrocket and they may have trouble concentrating on work.