When the job overwhelms

By Audrey Pihulyk
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

On the job or at home, increased demands are being placed on individuals to perform, leaving many feeling distraught and exhausted.

Stress and burnout among workers are reaching epidemic proportions, resulting in loss of millions in revenue due to absenteeism and corresponding reduction in productivity. In general today, the workplace seems to have lost its sense of community. It used to be a place where like-minded people gathered together to produce work that was accepted and appreciated. A place, also, where workers were affirmed and at the end of the day, felt a sense of joy and satisfaction for work well done.

Unfortunately, today, in many organizations this is not happening. There seems to be a lack of concern for quality of product and of people. The expectation seems to be that workers should extend themselves for the good of the corporation, instead of the organization being there, also, for the good of the workers.