HR-XML Consortium catapults into 2002

New schemas offer advancements for HR and e-business transactions
||Last Updated: 07/21/2003

The HR-XML Consortium, the global non-profit organization dedicated to creating XML standards for human resources management, has completed five new specifications designed to enable HR and e-business transactions. The five specifications are: Contact Method 1.0; TimeCard Configuration 1.0; Payroll Benefit Contributions 1.0; WorkSite and Environment 1.0; and Job and Position Header 1.0.

"Our membership is accelerating progress across many fronts," said Tim Farlow, HR-XML Board member, chairperson of the Cross-Process Objects Workgroup, and Technology Director at Authoria. "With the completion of these specifications, HR-XML has provided many of the core building blocks used by the vast majority of HR transactions."

These new industry specifications augment the Consortium's existing process-enabling specifications, such as Staffing Exchange Protocol, Benefits Enrollment, and Time and Expense Reporting, and expand the number of its specifications for "cross-process objects." Cross-process objects, such as Contact Method, PersonName, PostalAddress, Competencies, WorkSite