Same game, new rules

HR has to recognize this recession isn’t like the last one.
By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/21/2003

Though it may not seem like it, the last economic downturn wasn’t all that long ago. But due to the unprecedented amount of change that has beset the business world, for many organizations today’s recession bares little resemblance to the last one.

Sandro Iannicca, a consultant with William M. Mercer’s human capital practice, said there are four important factors which make this downturn different than those that came before.

First, many of today’s managers weren’t managers in earlier downturns. All they know is how to manage during a time of high growth. Second, Canadians were greatly effected by the events of Sept. 11 and feelings of malaise and uncertainty could well be with us for a while. “This adds another dimension of uncertainty which demands a quality of HR leadership that goes beyond what has been required in the past,” he said.