Top shops deliver more than flashy perks

The ROB's top 50 companies and Canada's top 100 employers - is your firm on these lists?
By Asha Tomlinson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/04/2002

There’s no magical formula to becoming one of the top employers in Canada. In fact, most companies who reach this status create their own recipes to attract and retain employees. Just look at the diverse group of organizations that made it on the list of two recognized employer rankings: Report On Business (R.O.B) magazine’s Top 50 Companies and Canada’s Top 100 Employers — the annual edition written by author Richard Yerema.

Even though the criteria for each ranking were different — R.O.B based its decisions mostly on employee surveys while Yerema looked more at best practices — it’s still evident good employers go out of their way to meet employees’ needs.

Yerema says he noticed employers were offering outlandish perks last year, but because of today’s shaky business market they’re moving towards substance and stability.