Employers need a lesson in training

The T&D challenge: How to get management to pay and employees to show up.
By Sandra Mingail
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/23/2002

Your product development pros are working long hours to meet their deadlines. Customer service staff are coping with a major downsizing and senior managers are putting the finishing touches on a new global partnership deal. Just how and when are you going to get staff up to speed on those new training programs?

Making time for training is often a tough task. Yet the relationship between training, corporate growth and profitability is well-documented.

“It has been substantiated by studies in both Canada and the United States that companies in the top half of the group for spending on training had a shareholder return that was 45 per cent higher than the market average,” says Jason Orr, president of the Ontario Society for Training and Development.