Communication Matters: Great plan, but what’s it got to do with me?

Build support across departments instead of competition for scarce resources.
By Sandy French
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/23/2002

Most organizations have what they call a business plan. The problem is that too often the people who are expected to execute the plan either don’t have any idea what the plan is or else they aren’t told how to actually achieve it.

Time and again objectives are drawn up but little or no thought is given to how the plan will be communicated, managed and measured. It’s like trying to take a vacation with 10 people but only one person knows the destination — hard to pack, hard to be prepared and hard to cover the distance if there’s only one driver.

The result: most companies don’t meet their goals or they waste enormous amounts of time, money and energy because there’s no alignment between corporate and to individual objectives.