Technology and training

By Brendan Nagle
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/23/2002

Remember the first time you heard the words computer-based training? For some of us, that fateful day could have been up to 30 years ago. The message then was the same as the message today — computers can help people learn. Even though the message is the same, the messenger is looking a lot different these days.

What’s new

First, delivery systems have improved. More computing power has allowed trainers to spice up CBT with audio, video, interactive animation, 3D graphics and real-time conferencing. Internet protocol tools such as HTML, XML and Java have helped to popularize the computer network as the delivery platform of choice. Any system that can display a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer can be a tool for serving up media-rich learning content. The Internet has placed the “e” squarely in the forefront of learning. Online is the preferred delivery mechanism.