Reports of Sun Microsystems’ terminations greatly exaggerated (Letter)

By Andy Kroen
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/21/2003

In today’s challenging times, employees remain an organization’s greatest assets. Improving and developing employee performance should be a core competency of any organization. It is a core competency of Sun Microsystems’ managers. Not for this reason alone, the recent article, “Getting Tough with Poor Performers” (See CHRR Nov. 19, 2001), is disturbing for several erroneous references to Sun and a program it is reported to have introduced.

Sun Microsystems did not introduce a program that “each year identifies 10 per cent of its workforce as poor performers.”

In fact, Sun Microsystems, Inc. introduced a Performance Management Process (PMP) worldwide initiative in March 2001 to create a uniform process for the development and improvement of relative under-performers at Sun.