What’s hot, and not, in the staffing industry

Staffing firms respond to a tight economy with new services
By Steve Jones
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/16/2002

Activity levels in the staffing industry are usually a leading indicator of economic changes. Because of that, when staffing firms across Canada saw business slump last year, the industry predicted an economic slowdown six months ahead of the first serious declines on Bay and Wall streets. A drop in demand for contingent, temporary and contract workers is a clear sign of troubles ahead.

The staffing industry can also foreshadow economic recovery and the good news is there are definite signs of renewal.

Rapid unpredictable spikes and falls in the staffing industry are early indicators of recovery and a number of spikes translated into a rise in permanent placements early in the new year, says Carol Gilchrist, Adecco’s director of operations for Canada.