Stretching relocation policies to the max

By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/17/2002

At Canada Post, about 150 employees a year are moved around the country and four people work full time to ensure the moves go smoothly.

A career in relocation today, requires a great deal of technical knowledge, said Karen MacRae, manager of relocation services for Canada Post. Managing a successful relocation requires a thorough understanding about housing markets, for example, or how to calculate housing subsidies. There are usually many tax implications associated with moving from one locale to another.

But aside from the technical expertise, relocation experts must also be able to draw on an important supply of soft skills: compassion, patience and a great deal of empathy for the employee who is leaving home for the company, said MacRae. “You also have to be very creative. You have to take the policy and stretch it to the max.”