The personal touch of outplacement

Tactics to help employees evolving to include one-on-one coaching, onboarding
By Cam McRae and Eileen Dooley
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/08/2013

Job loss is an emotional time when people feel alone, scared and vulnerable. When an employer needs to terminate an employee, assisting her in the transition to secure a new role — through a severance package and outplacement services — shows compassion and empathy.

Traditionally, an outplacement consultant could help the employee deal with reactions of shock, anger and sadness. The consultant would let her know everything they discuss is confidential, creating a safe place for the employee to talk through her emotions.

The employee could then further engage the services of the outplacement company by travelling to its office and participating in a group orientation. She would be assigned a coach and further encouraged to attend workshops in resumé development, interviewing skills and job-search techniques.