Can an employee break up parental leave? (Toughest HR Question)

It all depends on where exactly the worker resides and who her employer might be
By Annie Chong
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/06/2013

Question: Can an employee on parental leave break up the leave? One of our employees is requesting to take his parental leave in two segments. Is this allowed?

Answer: The answer depends on the jurisdiction in which the employee works since parental leave is covered under provincial or territorial employment and labour standards and the Canada Labour Code for federally regulated employees and employers.

Canada Labour Code: Employees on parental leave may interrupt the leave in order to take other leaves allowed under the code, including the following: compassionate care leave; the leave allowed to employees whose child has disappeared or died as a result of a suspected crime; sick leave; work-related illness or injury leave; or reservist leave (excluding annual training).