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A receipt should be enough; Anchor's first day his last; Airline bans lipstick on flight attendants; Not everyone loves a man in uniform; Star Wars could save Navajo language
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/17/2013

Airline bans lipstick on flight attendants

INSTANBUL — Turkey’s national airline has barred female flight attendants from wearing red lipstick and nail polish, according to Reuters. The move has struck a nerve among secular Turks who are worried the country is becoming more Islamic. Turkish Airlines, Europe’s fourth largest airline, said the ban was aimed at keeping crews “artless and well-groomed with makeup in pastel tones” and a natural look would improve communication with passengers.

A receipt should be enough
VANCOUVER — Lululemon, under fire since some of its pricey black yoga pants turned out to be a little too revealing, said it does not “require guests to demonstrate the sheerness of their bottoms.” The denial was sparked by a New York Post article recounting the tale of a Toronto woman who was asked by sales staff to prove the pants she was returning were see-through. “The sales associate then perused my butt in the dim lighting of the change room and deemed them ‘not sheer,’” said Christina Phillips. Lululemon’s problems don’t end there — it is also facing a lawsuit from a pension fund in Florida. Pulling the problematic yoga pants from stores could cost the company up to $40 million, according to Reuters. The Hallandale Beach Police Officers and Firefighters’ Personnel Retirement fund, which holds shares, is upset the compensation committee approved changes to executive bonuses on the eve of the recall. It sent a request for information to the board to determine if directors and officers were potentially guilty of corporate waste and mismanagement for the larger potential bonuses.