Please don’t brand the employees (Editor’s Notes)

New York real estate firm offers workers who get tattoo of company logo more money
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/22/2013

For the last couple of years, employer branding has been a hot HR topic. Employers have been encouraged to borrow a page from marketing’s handbook and build a recruitment brand that resonates with jobseekers.

But in all the talk about branding, there hasn’t been much of a discussion about employee branding. And certainly no one has suggested physically branding staff might be a good tactic. And yet — you can probably see where this is going — into the spotlight steps New York’s Rapid Realty.

It did the workplace equivalent of sticking a branding iron in the fire and scorching a cow’s skin — playing the role of the branding iron is the needle and playing the role of the cow is the employee.