Employee safety in global hot spots

Alleviating security concerns in high-risk overseas locations involves preparation, transparency, policy, details and communication
By Sarah Kenning
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/17/2013

For many employees, the possibility of experiencing new challenges and opportunities, both personally and professionally, is what makes relocation so attractive. New adventures, places, sights and languages can appeal to even the most cautious candidate.

While the prospect of embracing a new culture can be exciting, embarking on an overseas assignment can be stressful for assignees and their families. This stress is significantly amplified when the new location is considered high risk.

High-risk locations are identified by a government, company or provider as places that have an increased risk to the personal safety or security of the employee. These are usually determined by a number of factors, including the potential for crime or violence, terrorism, political turmoil, health concerns or natural or environmental disasters.